The only cuisine that has taken over the food scenes of every country is Chinese cuisine. Every household has that favourite Chinese restaurant or that one Chinese dish they always order. So we asked ourselves what made Chinese food so widely loved. And we found the answer in the Indian market of Chinese foods. This cuisine is extraordinarily diverse! It can easily cater to and blend with any other form of cookery to create delicacies that entice the taste buds of anyone who partakes of it. Chinese food is a product of the rich Asian culinary heritage going back nearly a 1000 years. Especially towards the East and the South of Asia, people heartily take to Chinese food.  Whether you are visiting or living in Bangkok, there are some Chinese foods that you must have for the real Bangkok experience.

Hot and Sour Soup

A bowl of this steaming and fiery soup is the way to start your meal for those chilling winter and rainy days. Chock-full of shiitake, cabbage, beans, carrots, and capsicums, it is an ode to the balance of flavour and colour. Chillies, vinegar, pepper and salt are used to bring about the unique taste and strong aroma of hot and sour soup.

Dim Sums

A necessity in Chinese fine-dining, the word dim sum literally means “touch the heart”. Indeed, these sweet, salty and spicy treats are favourites among all appetizers. Dim sums can have any kind of filling, from savoury meat to freshly chopped cabbage and spring scallops. They can even be sweet! Originally intended as a variety of bite sized flavours served with tea, they now have become a popular street food item across the whole world.

Spring Rolls

Deep fried to golden perfection, spring rolls are freshly chopped vegetables wrapped in a flavoured flour dough. Spring rolls are a product of a rich tradition. To welcome the beginning of spring and the first harvest of fresh vegetables, people in mainland China made a dish with wheat and vegetables. They celebrated the start of a new year through this ‘spring dish’, which later evolved to the fried spring rolls of today.

Honey Chilli Potatoes

Honey chilli potatoes necessarily adorn the menu of every Chinese outlet. These are thinly sliced potatoes and capsicums shallow fried with sauces that lend it a range of contrasting yet complementing tastes. This is a dish that exemplifies the fine flavour balance in Chinese cookery. With plenty of honey lending a sweet palate, garlic paste and scallions lend to it an umami charm. Chilli, and soya sauce along with a bit of vinegar complete the rounded flavours. It is fried with crunchy sesame seeds that heighten the texture.

Hakka Noodles

A complete and healthy meal, hakka noodles are a combination of a side of carbohydrates with a good amount of fibre from the many vegetables it contains. Carrots, capsicum, beans, scallions and many other veggies are shallow fried in a rich garlic and ginger base with traditional soya sauce along with vinegar, and green chilli sauce to enhance the flavours. Boiled noodles are then cooked with this mixture to craft this dish. Often, eggs, chicken, and fish pieces are added to impart  protein and relish.

Fried Rice

A household name across the world, fried rice is a highly modifiable dish fried in soya sauce, vinegar, chilli sauce, and oyster sauce to lend that traditional Chinese flavour to it. Originally steamed rice served with vegetables and meat, it is now a saucy and spicy fried treat beloved around the world. Fried rice can be served with chicken, prawn, and egg chunks in it along with a range of vegetables, making for a dish that caters to your tastes.

Szechwan Chilli Chicken

Wonderfully bold, Szechuan sauce has a pungent flavour and is served with nearly every Chinese meal. Chilli chicken, on the other hand, consists of deep fried chicken chunks flavoured with red chilli sauce. Together, Szechwan Chilli Chicken is a strongly layered spicy dish found on the menus of many restaurants specializing in Chinese food. The chicken chunks are marinated in soya sauce, and oyster sauce along with ginger, garlic, salt and chillies. These chunks are then fried in the sauces with scallions and thinly sliced beans. Had as an appetiser, this dish truly represents the variety of flavours Chinese culinary products exhibit.

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