Aromatic curries flavoured with unique spices are the signature of Asian cuisine. From their counterparts, Indian curries stand out owing to the sheer variety within India. From north Indian Chicken Curry to the South Indian Prawns Curry, the difference in their tastes is phenomenal. Where one is a hot, spicy, and flavourful treat, the other is a sublime ginger-garlic flavoured relish. The Patiaala house menu beautifully captures this variety with its range of curries.

Paneer Tikka Masala

The most beloved of vegetarian gravies paneer tikka masala combines the subtle flavour of marinated and fried cottage cheese chunks, or paneer tikka, with the spicy tang of hot tomato gravy.

Birbal Kofta (Red Gravy Spicy)

A royal meal in all its senses having Birbal Kofta is an enriching experience that takes every meal to the next level. Balls made of ground vegetables are fried and then cooked in an aromatic red gravy. Best enjoyed with Naan or Lachha Paratha, Birbal Kofta is a spicy dish fit for all occasions.

Rajma Masala

Dhabas across north India are well-known for their dal-rice and rajma-rice combos. In a unique mixture of spices, Indian red kidney beans curry should have the signature mouth-watering flavour of cloves, black pepper, and garam masala. A favourite across India, try having Rajma masala with simple steamed rice or jeera rice.

Dal Tadka

Dals are gravies made of pulses and lentils. Yellow, black, and mixed dal are part of daily meals for a majority of Indian households. In Punjabi dhabas however, the simple dal is prepared with an added tadka or hot spice mix.

Chicken Lababdar

A curry made from the most succulent chicken chunks Chicken Lababdar is a favourite among all fans of Mughal cuisine. The spice mixture is ground by hand and roasted well before the marinated meat is added. Once well flavoured, the mixture is slowly cooked in a curry to lend it the perfect overtone of the subtle Mughal flavour.

Chicken Palak / Saagwala

A unique taste among all other chicken curries chicken palak is cooked in spinach curry. When freshly cut with the meat the healthy greens are exceptionally delicious. Because it is rare to mix greens with curried chicken, the taste of this particular concoction is unique even within Indian curries.

Chicken Kali Mirch

This tender treat will surely win your heart. Indian chicken curries are known to be extremely hot and spicy. However, Chicken Kali Mirch or Chicken Black Pepper steps away from the trend and uses a single strong pepper flavour. Compared to the chaos of other curries, this has a refreshing subtlety.

Mutton Handi

A signature Mughal dish fit for royalty, the strongly flavoured and seasoned Mutton Handi is a must-have for all occasions. Mutton Handi is a lamb curry best paired with naan bread or parathas. The meat requires an overnight marination period, and it uses a range of spices to achieve the perfect flavour; from pepper to cumin and cloves to cardamom.

Fish Curry

A favourite among Indian communities near the coasts fish curry is an integral part of life. In Bengal, it is prepared daily in a simple, flavourful manner whereas, in Amritsar, its flavours are highly citric. In Goa, the curry is spicy with lots of coconuts whereas, in South India, the flavour is less spicy but intensely flavourful.

Prawns Curry

A seafood lover’s, prawns curry is a favourite within coastal cuisine. It perfectly balances the salty prawns with sweet tomato gravy and uses the best spices and herbs to flavour and garnish. 

Egg Curry

A popular dish across the country, egg curry is a versatile dish that can be tailored to your requirements. It consists of lightly fried boiled eggs in a mouth-watering curry that is best paired with simple tandoori roti and steamed rice.

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