The starters that are the moist awaited course of any menu are the ones that pacify our hunger. The starters are the first and foremost course of any menu and are loved by everyone. The vegetarians usually have many options when it comes to tit bite sized appetizers. The Indiagate Restaurant, which is a fine dining Indian restaurant Bangkok, serves the amazing Indian vegetarian starters everyday through its expanded menu.

The Indian starters are mostly covered in a coating or are served along with a dip. Some of the Indian starters are deep fried and are coated in gram flour. The gram flour is the most used coating agent in Indian starters. The India gate restaurant serves the most authentic vegetarian starters that are available in the entire area around.

The Indian food delivery in Bangkok is done by the India gate restaurant across the city. The India gate restaurant caters delivery to every corner of the city in the most hygienic manner. They provide special discounts for customers ordering food online for delivery.

The delicious Indian starters available at the Indiagate restaurant are:

  • Paneer Tikka: Fresh Indian cheese, bell peppers and onions Marinated with Indian spices and barbequed in clay oven.
  • Achari paneer Tikka: Pickle flavored cubes of cottage cheese, Green pepper and onion
    marinated in Yoghurt, cream and spices grilled in Clay oven.
  • Hara Bhara Kebab: Pan – Fried spinach, cheese, and spiced Vegetable cutlets.
  • Chilli paneer: Homemade cottage cheese, green pepper And onion cubes tossed in chilli – garlic sauce taste to perfection.
  • French Fries: Slice potatoes into long tender pieces, dipped into batter one by one and deep fry and serve with tomato sauce.
  • Veg Samosa: Triangular patties stuffed with mashed Potatoes filling deep fried and served With special sauce.
  • Veg pakora: Fritters of assorted vegetables Dipped in gram batter and deep fried.
  • Paneer pakora: Indian cheese dipped in gram batter with Spices and deep fried.
  • Aloo Tikki: Potato cutlet pan –fried to a golden colour, accompanied by chutneys.
  • Tandoori Mushroom: Button mushroom stuffed with cottage Cheese, nuts, and spices, roasted in Tandoor.
  • Chilli potato: Boiled potatoes, capsicum and onion cubes tossed in chilli garlic sauce.
  • Crispy Bhindi: Fresh okra marinated in spices deep crispy fried and tossed with green pepper and tomatoes.
  • Onion Bhaji: Chopped onion made in shape of balls Dipped in chick pea flour batter, deep fried and served with mint sauce

The Indiagate restaurant is one of the most exquisite destinations of Indian eaters. The lovers of Indian cuisines are both vegetarian and non vegetarian, however all of them love the vegetarian as equally. The Punjabis of India and the north Indian people remain forever fans of pakoras, kebabs, tikkis and tandoori food! The India gate restaurant is one such place that provides North Indian food menu list for lunch Bangkok every day.

The Indian foodies explore Indian food to the core! So where are you at?
Welcome to the Gateway to Indian cookery, India Gate Restaurant!

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