The centre of the best of cultural life in Bangkok, Ratchathewi district is home to Sukhumvit street, known for its commercial attractions. The city’s most famed and celebrated hotels, the jazziest nightlife hotspots, and shopping malls dot the street. Each establishment adds to the international culture shown here. From traditional Thai to the most popular western brands, all have their space in Sukhumvit. It sports a wealth of other Asian cultures, especially in cuisine. Even among these, two of the best Indian food restaurants take the cake with their authentic Asian experience diners. Each brings out different elements of Indian cuisine and are ranked highly across Bangkok.

Patiaala House

Patiaala House is a diner specializing in serving North-Indian cuisine. It brings authentic flavours from Punjab and the regal, historical fare of the Mughals to the table. Widely known for their surprising range of vegetarian delicacies, and full-flavoured, delectable kebabs from their kitchens, Patiaala House treats its customers to the true taste of India. Traditional Punjabi dishes such as Kulchas served with vegetable gravies are widely popular. The classic Tandoori delectables like chicken malai tikka and the kebab platter are similarly beloved. Heartwarming specials like homely veg khazaana delights make this a go-to Indian restaurant for many. Further, Patiaala House boasts Indian street food items, bringing a whole different world of flavours to Sukhumvit.

India Gate

Situated in the same khet or district, India Gate is a prominent restaurant featured among the best Indian cuisine fine diners in Bangkok. It features a rich palette of flavours spanning the diversity of cookery in India. From intricate contemporary Indian cuisine to the unique flavours of homely meals, India Gate offers it all. With its street food fusion dishes, it transports you to a realm of flavours as magical as Thai cuisine. From the robust tastes of Punjabi dhabas to the subtle succulence of Mughlai fare, India Gate challenges its contemporaries in price as well as quality. Whereas many Indian restaurants confine themselves to a single cultural cuisine, India Gate brings the entirety of North Indian delicacies to your table. The tang of spicy street savouries like bhel puri and the traditional tidbits like paneer pakoras will transport any Indian to nostalgia-land. And if you’ve never tried Indian street food, you can revel in the inventive fusion dishes from the chefs. The masterwork of the professional chef and his subordinates, manifested in the varied authentic recipes, are something you’ll truly cherish for a long while. 


Another area replete with the culture of Bangkok is Huai Khwang. With active theatres dotting the area and the famed Uthai Tharam temple, it is a fine location for a weekend off. The largest Indian restaurant in Bangkok, Asoka Restaurant is also situated here. The area is especially popular among the Indian and Thai community living in Bangkok.

Asoka Restaurant

Asoka restaurant outdoes itself in the sheer scope of its offerings. It not only offers exceptional dining services, but also provides catering, buffet, and large scale entertainment services for large groups. The strength of Asoka lies in its diversity in both food and experience. You can either indulge you and your companions in a cosy personal dining space, relax in the lounge, or enjoy the experience of an unforgettable evening in the open garden restaurant. As regards cuisine, Asoka specializes in Indian and Indo-fusion preparations suitable for every occasion. Rather than restrict itself to solely providing food services, Asoka gives you a curated experience replete with the entertainment. There are designated spaces with entertainment options like dance floors, music systems, well-stocked bars, and professional hosting. At Asoka, every time you visit, a new experience awaits!

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