The India gate restaurant is one of such restaurants that serve authentic Indian food in Bangkok in its true form. The north Indian cuisine is mainly about the rich in content food that has high level of nutrients and vitamins. The ideally balanced north Indian cuisine is also an epitome of taste and aroma. The tempering of spices and the finely chopped vegetables on high flames and addition of flavorings and lentils adds to the overall taste.

However, one very famous and loved aspect of north Indian cuisine is the non-vegetarian food. The Indian subcontinent is more about seafood, chicken and mutton and not a big fan of other non-vegetarian items. The specially bred and reared meat that is used in Indian cuisine is very nutritious and healthy to consume. The marination of the Indian meat is very different and variant as compared to the western countries. It is more about spices and huge amounts of fats.

The India gate restaurant in Bangkok ensures that it serves typical and authentic Indian non vegetarian dishes in Bangkok in the way it is served in India. The travelers and locals of Bangkok have appreciated their food multiple times and keep revisiting.

The amazing red meat available at the India Gate restaurant are:

Non-Veg starters:

Mutton Seekh Kebab: The mutton seekh kebab is a skewered kebab roasted in the clay oven also known as tandoor. Its coated with a traditional mix of spices and hung yogurt and is further barbecued to be served with mint chutney.
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Main Course Curries: 

  • Mutton Rogan Gosht: The mutton rogan gosht is a famous Kashmiri dish made from Mutton and is enriched with spices and special Indian gravy.
  • Mutton Keema Mutter: The mutton-based curry made with minced lamb and green peas with a Mughal touch and aromatised with spices.
  • Kadhai Mutton: Tender lamb pieces cooked with sliced Onions and green pepper enriched with thick sauce and flavoured with coriander.
  • Palak Gosht: The spinach-based lamb recipe with a creamy sauce which is absolutely amazing to taste.


Mutton Biryani: Sumptuous pieces of lamb diced and cooked over long hours with basmati rice in a flavoursome combination of steam and aromatic spices.

The mutton is not only loved by Indians but is a core ingredient of many dishes. The mutton biryani and mutton Rogan josh being the most famous of all, it is used in many dishes in different faces.

The mutton lovers can never stop themselves from having the rich meat. The mutton recipes are specifically eaten on festivals in India. However, when you search the Indian restaurants for table reservation in Bangkok for having some amazing mutton dishes with breads, India gate restaurant shall be your first choice.

The India gate restaurant delivers across the city of Bangkok and also offers take away offers. The orders placed on website come with extra discount.

So why wait? Order now!

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