Are you a vegetarian stuck in the seafood lovers land of Bangkok? Do you not know the best places to go and enjoy some sumptuous vegetarian food in Bangkok? 

Don’t worry, Indiagate restaurant is the right place for your appetite. 

Indiagate restaurant is an authentic North Indian cuisine restaurant serving the authentically cooked food across the city. India gate is also famous for its extensive vegetarian menu and the delicious food pairings that the Indian cuisine has to offer. The Indiagate restaurant is located in the lap of Ratchathewi district and is the best place to eat when you want to search for Indian restaurants near me.  The Indiagate restaurant serves food from morning 9 to evening 10 p.m. and delivers food across the city.

Some of the select vegetarian food pairings at Indiagate are:

  1. Matar Paneer and Tandoori Butter Roti: A creamy gravy made with green peas and dices of cottage cheese which is simmered in a thick puree of tomato and topped with coriander. It is then served with an unleavened whole wheat bread, Tandoori roti that is toasted in a Clay oven and topped with butter.
  1. Chana Pasinda and Puri: An authentic chickpea curry made in tomato and onion sauce and cooked in Punjabi style. Indiagate, the fine dining restaurant offers Puri, an Indian puff bread that is made with whole wheat and deep fried until crispy and golden.
  1. Bhindi Masala and Tandoori roti Plain: The okra dish made with okra tossed in oil and diced onions, tomatoes and aromatic spices. Bhindi Masala is also served with Tandoori Roti without butter.
  1. Malai Kofta and Butter Naan: The teardrop shaped Indian bread, Naan is toasted in a Clay oven and is best paired with Malai Kofta. Malai Kofta is a creamy sweet curry made with thick sauce of cream and cashew nut and a dumpling made of potato and cottage cheese.
  1. Daal tadka and Jeera Rice: Daal tadka is a tempered lentil soup served in the North Indian restaurant, Indiagate. The dal tadka has tempered spices like cumin, mustard seeds mixed with mashed lentils which is then cooked to a soup consistency. It is further paired with Jeera rice, a rice dish made with a mix of tempered cumin seeds and rice. 
  1. Dum aloo Kashmiri and Lachha Parantha: Dum Aloo Kashmiri is a famous dry potato dish prepared in Kashmiri style of cooking. It is very rich in aroma and flavours. It has boiled potato and is pan cooked. Dum aloo is then served with multi-layered circular Indian bread lachha paratha. 

India gate has many more options to explore in vegetarian food pairings. It’s one of the pure veg indian restaurants located in Bangkok and is really rich in its fine dining and delivery services. The Indiagate restaurant follows all safety measures as per the government protocols and is one of the select eateries that every Indian food enthusiast visit while in Bangkok

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