Do you know what Indians pair their favourite non-veg food with? Luckily we don’t have only one  option but many. The Indiagate restaurant is one such Non-Veg Indian restaurant that serves authentic Indian food pairings in Bangkok. The Indian non vegetarian food is much loved by Indians across the subcontinent, and especially when they are away from their country. 

The Indiagate restaurant serves Chicken, Mutton, and seafood like Fish and prawns. The main courses and starters all have various options to eat and pair with.

Some of the choicest pairings include:

  • Chicken Curry and Tandoori Roti: dices of chicken marinated in curd, lemon and other aromatic spices and wrapped in oil is served as a curry. It is best paired with wheat bread that’s the oven baked Tandoori Roti. 
  • Butter Chicken and Butter Naan: The creamy textured chicken recipe is made with chunks of chicken slowly cooked on medium heat and a creamy gravy. It is best paired with Butter Naan, an indian whole wheat bread topped with butter.
  • Mutton Roghan Gosht and Mutton Biriyani or Basmati Rice: The Mutton Roghan Gosht is a very delicious dish served at the family restaurant Indiagate. The Dish is made with a special flavouring agent, Ratan Jog from Kashmir of India. The Mutton Rogan Gosht is cooked over hours to reach the finesse. It is best paired with plain Basmati rice or Mutton Biriyani.
  • Chicken Saagwala and Tandoori Roti Butter: The Chicken saagwala is a creamy gravy of pureed spinach cooked with pieces of boneless chicken. The saagwala chicken is best paired with Tandoori Butter roti.
  • Prawn Masala and Prawn Biriyani: If you are a typical prawn lover, the best fine dine restaurant in Bangkok to enjoy Prawn dishes is Indiagate. The Prawn masala is made from freshly picked prawns from select vendors and de-veined to make it consumable. The Prawn Masala is made with an aromatic mix of vegetables and spices. The dish goes with Prawn Biryani, a steam cooked prawn rice preparation.
  • Fish Masala and Puri: Puri is a deep fried ball shaped Indian bread that’s fried till golden brown. Puri is made from wheat dough. It is then paired with Fish Masala. Fish Masala is an exotic fish delicacy made with pieces of fish fillet marinated and cooked in aromatic hot spices and served along with a thick pureed gravy.
  • Kadhai Chicken and Naan: Kadhai Chicken is a curry made with pieces of chicken and cooked in Kadhai, an Indian sauce pan. The Kadhai chicken gets its name from the utensil it is cooked in and is best served with Naan.    

There are many types of pairings you can make in Indian food. Almost every sort of bread pairs perfectly with the curries and so do the rice preparations. Food is cooked in the most authentic form at Indiagate restaurant. The restaurant delivers food across the city on online orders. The deliveries are fast, safe and hygienic as per the guidelines.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself your favourite Indian non-veg food now!

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