Guess which is the most awaited course of any meal, well we know you cannot select just one. However, the one that almost everyone loves is the Main course. The main course is one of the courses that helps you fill your appetite and keeps your cravings satisfied.

The Indiagate restaurant happens to be one of the restaurants where you get to enjoy the best Indian main course delicacies. The family restaurant is situated in the heart of the city, Ratchathewi district in Bangkok and is really famous for North Indian frontier cuisine. 

Indiagate offers some of the best curries in the main course and has a varied essence of the North Indian cookery in every spec of the dish. The potato based curries are the ones you do not want to miss. The lovers of vegetarian food in Bangkok shall be visiting or ordering the potato main courses and enjoy them. 

Let’s have a glimpse of the available Potato (Aloo) main courses from Indiagate restaurant:

  1. Aloo Jeera: the most commonly eaten main course, Aloo Jeera doesn’t have gravy. It comes with boiled and pan tossed cubes of potatoes along with tempered spices and cumin. The cumin seed is the main aromatic agent of the dish and taste enhancer.It is best paired with roti and paratha. Indiagate is the best Family restaurant in Bangkok serving authentically cooked Aloo Jeera.
  2. Aloo Gobhi: Boiled cubes of potato pan fried with cauliflower that makes a perfect dish. The two main ingredients are mixed with spices, tomatoes and ginger. The spicy taste of ginger enhances the overall taste and the dish is further topped with chopped coriander. Aloo gobhi is best eaten with steamed rice or roti.
  3. Aloo Palak: The spinach is boiled and cooked along with potato. The curry has a creamy base. Aloo Palak is best paired with Naan and Tandoori Roti. The best restaurant to enjoy Aloo Palak in Bangkok is Indiagate restaurant.
  4. Aloo Mutter: Aloo Mutter (peas and cubes of potato) makes the second most liked Potato based curry in Indian cookery. Peas and potatoes along with tomatoes along with ginger, and spices make a mild sauce that’s full of kitchen spices and flavour.
  5. Dum aloo Kashmiri: the pressure boiled potato recipe cooked in authentic Kashmiri style of cooking, the Dum Aloo Kashmiri is a great dish to enjoy with Rice and Indian breads like paratha and roti.

The potato based main courses are a must try when you are a food enthusiast. It migh not be possible for you to step out and enjoy your favourite food, however it is possible to order online and get it delivered. Gladly, Indiagate restaurant delivers across the city with special discounts on orders made from their websites.The restaurant is open to pick up, take away.

The Indian cookery will always call for a treat and make you fall for it. Then why wait, order once more and keep enjoying your favourite food now. We are open to deliveries.

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