Stepping in every corner of the world, we all find different cuisines and different cooking skills. Yet some things never really alter based on region or the style of cooking, and that is Courses of the menu.

While the heavy dishes are considered as a main course, the others served along are categorized as a side dish or an accompaniment, dessert, starter etc. The main course as the name suggests carries a larger palette size but definitely remains incomplete without the other courses and the order of serving them.

The Indian cuisine focuses majorly on four and five course menus starting with snacks/ starters, soup, main course and dessert. The dessert course remains optional as per the consumer’s convenience and preference. While most of us are used to skip the initials and jump directly to the main course, The Indian Cuisine always suggests serving in an orderly manner.

When we are off Indian lands, we usually lack to find some authentic Indian restaurants. However you can always walk into the India Gate Restaurant when in Bangkok to enjoy the meals just the way you get from your mother’s kitchens.

At the India Gate Restaurant you will find many food options to satisfy your desire to enjoy Indian food. Beginning with Chaats, Veg and Non-Veg Starters, Main Course Curries, Indian breads, Rice preparations, Soup and Accompaniments.

Pondering on the accompaniments, the India Gate Restaurant serves some of the most refreshing and nutritionally healthy dishes. They are not only healthy but also introduce you to a whole new side of the Indian cookery. Yogurt preparations like Raita, salads made with assorted vegetables which are freshly cut and presented to you hold a major part of the menu.

Let’s have a quick look:

  • Green Salad: A salad prepared with freshly cut green vegetables and topped with green chillies and lemon on the side to give you the tangy taste on your tongue.
  • Kachumber Salad:  The authentic Salad especially coming from Indian kitchens is a preparation of chopped vegetables and with some powdered spices, lemon and coriander sprinkled on the top.
  • Onion Salad: A salad made with onions and sprinkled with spices, lime and coriander.
  • Raita (Aap Ki Pasand): A yogurt preparation mixed with chopped onions and tomato and topped with spices and chopped coriander.

Piping hot Soup:

  • Tomato Cream Soup: A hot soup made from fresh tomatoes, ground spices, coriander and topped with crispy Bread Croutons giving it a perfect essence of hot and crispy at the same time.
  • Cream of Vegetable: Stew made from mixed vegetables , Spices and garnished with flakes of Almonds
  • Lentil Soup: Soup made from stew of yellow, lentils with a sprinkle of spices and garnished with chopped green coriander.
  • Chicken Clear Soup: An aromatic Soup made with cubes of chicken and mixed with spices. Further flavored with coriander, it is a hot and clear soup.

A soup and an accompaniment is always served to enhance the taste of the main course and make a meal nutritious. While most of the main courses are heavily cooked and tempered on high temperatures, these courses are there to balance out the nutritional requirements of our body on a daily basis.

Also available through Online Deliveries, India Gate restaurant caters food to every fan of Indian Cuisine irrespective of the area you live in Bangkok.

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