Stop craving for Indian Food now! We welcome you to the best North Indian Restaurant in Bangkok with a bow! The Indian souls can never stay away from the taste that has dwelled on their taste buds since childhood. Be it abroad or in India, they always feel satisfied after eating the authentic Indian food.

What if we say, you have the best Indian food restaurant in Bangkok serving food just like home, won’t you love to give a visit? Located amidst the bustling streets of Sukhumvit, the IndiaGate restaurant also serves food online across Bangkok for all the foodie friends. The only North Indian Restaurant that is delivering Indian food anywhere in Bangkok is the India Gate Restaurant.

The Indian Breads that are served at this landmark restaurant are:

  • Aloo Parantha: An Indian bread stuffed with potatoes and spiced with spices and butter. It is further roasted delicately in clay oven and is best accompanied with curd and curries.
  • Gobhi Parantha: Shredded cauliflower mixed with dough, spices,and topped with butter is an Indian Bread toasted in Clay oven.
  • Lachha Parantha: A circular Indian bread that is multilayered and is always served topped with melted butter, Lachha Parantha is a crispy clay oven baked bread.
  • Pudina Parantha: The mint based parantha is a whole wheat Indian bread baked in clay oven and butter.
  • Mix kulcha: A classical leavened bread made with wheat flour and baked in Tandoor. The kulcha is stuffed with a Chef’s special filling that adds a new taste to it.
  • Missi roti: Unleavened bread made from Besan (Gram Flour) is toasted in clay oven Tandoor and is a famous and inseparable part of the Punjabi cuisine.
  • Puri: A puff of plain white flour deep fried in oil and served authentically with chick pea curries and pickle.
  • Garlic Naan: A garlic based white flour Indian bread, made with leavening and toasted in Clay oven. It is generally topped with butter and served with curries.
  • Butter Naan: The classic indian bread made with white flour and butter.
  • Plain Naan: The only Naan that is served without butter and is a leavened bread from Punjabi Cuisine
  • Tandoori roti Butter: The most important bread of the Indian Food list in Bangkok, the tandoori roti is an authentic Punjabi bread that is toasted in Tandoor and served along with different curries and soups. It is glazed with melted butter on the top.
  • Tandoori Roti Plain: The plain version of the Tandoori Roti is served without butter

The India Gate restaurant is also famous for its Indian Food Delivery in Bangkok. The Indian breads are mostly toasted in a clay oven or on flat Tawas (Pan). The Indian breads are generally topped with butter and are served along with curries and pickle. The plain taste of breads compliments the spicy taste of curries amazingly. The Indian cuisine is
also famous for the spices and aroma, whilst the soft breads is a blend to that flavor. Wish to revisit Punjab? Come to our gateway, the India Gate Restaurant!

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