The sandy shores, the watery blues and the multicultural people of Thailand make the country beautiful in its own way. The capital city of Bangkok standing ashore of the Gulf of Thailand comes with a high number of tourists visiting every day. Finding different cuisines and people from different countries from across the world is not a surprise.

The staple diet of Thailand is Rice and seafood. The different cuisines which are flourishing in Thailand also revolve their menus majorly around the sea food and rice dishes.
When in search of some eclectic and spicy seafood preparations, the Indian Cuisine highlights its taste the most. The tourists and the locals of Bangkok never fail to visit the famous Indiagate Restaurant located in the Ratchathewi district. The food filled streets of Ratchathewi are a conglomeration of different cuisines and tastes. The seafood at The Indiagate Restaurant is full of aroma, taste and will make your mouth water every time you gulp it down your mouth.

Prawns Fry

Some of the prominent and select Seafood based dishes of the Indiagate Restaurant are:

  • Non-Veg platter (Tandoor ki shaan): Cooked on high temperatures of the clay oven (Tandoor) includes Fish Tikka, Tandoori Prawns and various red meats.

The Pure Non-Veg starters

  • Fish Tikka: Seasonal fish marinated in lemon juice, ginger, flavoured with spices and barbecued.
  • Fish Pakora: Spicy deep fried preparation made with seasonal fish coated with yellow gram flour batter.
  • Fish Amritsari: Coming from the capital city of Punjab, Amritsar this dish a special delicacy of the Punjabi Cuisine. Cooked with strips of sea bass coated with spicy gram flour it is further deep fried and served along with dips.
  • Tandoori prawns: Tasting slightly like saffron this prawns dish is marinated with ginger and hung yogurt and further toasted in Tandoor (clay oven).
  • Fried Prawns: Juicy prawns served in crispy texture and special dip on the side.

The legendary Seafood main courses:

  • Fish Masala: Fish fillets cooked in a tomato and onion sauce served hot and flavoured with spices.
  • Kadhai Prawns: Fresh prawns cooked in thick sauce with onions.
  • Prawn Masala: North Indian flavoured prawns juicy in textured and cooked in sauce of onions and tomatoes.
  • Prawns Korma: Fresh prawns covered with cashew nut puree and topped with butter and cream.

The seafood with a rice bed:

  • Prawns Biryani: Basmati Rice cooked with juicy prawns flavoured with saffron and ground spices.
  • Fish Biryani: Basmati Rice cooked with fresh fish that is flavoured richly with Indian spices and topped with coriander.

The Indian version of seafood is an amazing blend of spices, toppings, sauces and gravies richly made by the chefs. The Indiagate Restaurant is always up with seasonal fishes and fresh juicy prawns throughout the year. Coated majorly with gram flour, the starters are crunchy and are always served with a marvellous dip or a sauce. The main courses are healthy, safely made and never left raw.

The taste buds of the coastal humans of Bangkok can always relish their seafood cravings with the food served at the Indiagate Restaurant as it delivers across the city from morning till night.

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