Indian Cuisine is appetizing, healthy, and always contains the nicest spices!!

Specialty of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is popular for its large variety of dishes. The cuisine ranges from simple vegetarian fare to non-vegetarian to exotic dishes layered with texture and flavor.

Indian restaurants exist over the globe and all you need to do is type Indian cuisine near me Bangkok on Google to get lip-smacking Indian cuisine.

Indian Cuisines are Unique

Could it be the fresh spices, the intoxicating aromas, or the rich ingredients that alluring various people to Indian cuisine? Indian cuisine is a delightful blend of exquisite flavors and spices and a balance of multiple nutrients which make it healthy.

Authentic Indian food in Bangkok is finger-licking good because of the unique approach to flavoring and aroma. It represents a colorful blend of different cultures and a perfect blend of different tastes can be enjoyed well.

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Diversity in Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisines are as diverse as their multi-ethnic culture. The exotic and tempting dishes of India are marked by the subtle utilization of spices and herbs. Each region has its own claim to renowned dishes and different styles of cooking.

Scientists scrutinize over 2,000 Indian dishes and found that Indian cooking utilizes 200 out of 381 possible cooking ingredients used globally.

Every cuisine prepared in the Indiagate Restaurant in Bangkok has an exotic flavor and is special in their way and also provides Indian veg food delivery Bangkok and Indian non-veg food delivery Bangkok.

Common Ingredients and Flavours used in Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is specified by its several spices, deliberately used in multiple ways in various recipes. Each dish should have 6 key elements of taste namely sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent, and pungent.

Some common Indian ingredients are cinnamon, beans, chili peppers, bell peppers, garam masala, chana masala, garlic, cumin seeds, green cardamom, onions, coriander, coconut milk, ginger, cayenne, mustard seeds, and turmeric. All these ingredients do not resemble each other in terms of flavor. They all make their magic in every dish.

Three interesting facts about Indian Cuisine

  1. India is the spice capital of the world: India produces more than 70% of the spices used in the world.
  2. Historic staple diet: Indians have been cultivating and consuming the same categories of grains and legumes they still eat for thousands of years. Staple foods like whole-wheat flour, lentils, and rice are counted to have been portion of the Indian diet.
  3. 3 categorizations of food: According to Ayurveda, there are 3 primary categorizations of food such as:
  • Sattvic Food: It contains fresh vegetables and juices and is considered to have a positive and purifying effect on the body.
  • Rajasic Food: It comprises spices and oily things that drive ambition, competition, and egotistic pursuits.
  • Taamsic Food: It consists of meat and liquor that are difficult to digest and may harm the mind and body.


Indian cuisine has formed a niche for itself in millions of hearts in the world. The authentic Indian cuisine in Bangkok can be found in Indiagate restaurant. You just need to call Indiagate Restaurant in Bangkok to order mouth-watering Indian cuisine along with Indian dessert delivery in Bangkok for yourself and your family.

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