Food is the most essential fuel for the human body. Wise men also said that, “The food you eat defines the person you are”. But have you imagined that the food you eat also defines the way you take care of your health?

Vegetarian eating habits have always been given preference over Non-veg. Scientists also say that the vegetarian food helps a person remain healthier and live longer as compared to non-vegetarian eaters. We however believe that whatever you eat shall feed your appetite and shall be nutritious.

We at India Gate restaurant are a place that provides Indian food home delivery Bangkok across the city. The nutritious Indian food prepared by the trained chefs at the restaurant is truly delicious and is prepared with utmost precautions of sanitation.

The Vegetarian main course is well paired with Indian breads. The Indian breads provide a nutritious diet when eaten with the vegetarian curries. Now if you think of which is the best Indian takeout near me Bangkok, the answer is the India Gate Restaurant.

The Best combinations of vegetarian curries with breads are here:

  • Paneer Makhani and Missi Roti: The butter topped dishes of the authentic Indian cuisine in Bangkok are one of the famous combinations. Defining each other completely, these dishes indulge in the taste and the texture to protrude an amazing flavor.
  • Baingan Bharta and Tandoori Roti plain: Baingan Bharta and Tandoori Roti plain:The indian bread coming straight out of clay oven is served hot with a preparation of minced eggplant. The crispy bread and the mouth watering dry curry make a perfect combo for the eater. The Baingan Bharta is majorly eaten in north India.
  • Chana Pasinda and Puri: Chana Pasinda and Puri: The delicately cooked Chick pea preparation made in Punjabi style suits the best with Puri. Puri is a deep fried circular unleavened bread that is inflated and served hot with chana Pasinda. The tomato gravy tastes amazing with this bread.
  • Dal makhni and Garlic Naan: The Indian lentil soup, dal makhani made from red kidney beans and black lentils is cooked with butter and cream, hence the name. The Garlic naan is a clay oven baked bread stuffed with garlic and goes the best with Dal Makhani and remains unaltered even when food delivery in Bangkok is done from any corner.
  • Kashmiri Dum Aloo and Laccha Parantha: The hot potato preparation coming from the coldest region of India is well paired with laccha parantha. The whole wheat flour bread gels with the dry vegetable dish and lets it’s taste mingle with our tongue properly.
  • Malai Kofta and Mix Kulcha: The cottage cheese dumplings in a semi sweet creamy gravy tastes amazing along with the spiced Mix Kulccha. The bread comes from clay oven and is stuffed with a chef’s secret filling. They are smooth when eaten

Ideally any Indian bread can be paired with any Indian curry. India gate is one such Indian restaurant in Sukhumvit that never compromises with taste and flavor of any dish.

Order your favorite combo now!

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