The food that touches your taste buds helps you get closer to your soul. The taste buds become your buddies and help you taste the food that you eat and taste. The food is the replication of what you are within. The food defines your soul and your eating habits act as a major parameter that decides your health and nutrition intake.

When one stays at home and works from home, they crave some delicious food and wish to order online through safe measures.The India Gate Restaurant is a bangkok indian restaurant that answers all your cravings and serves across the city

The food we eat shall be wholesome and shall meet our daily body requirements. It should not be more in quantity but in quality. The more the nutrients, more is the shelf life of food. The more nutrition helps you build your immune system.

The new normal has shown all of us how important our immune system is. Food is a major factor that helps us rectify our immunity. When you search for nutritious and best food delivery near me in bangkok, Indiagate Restaurant becomes the place that serves in every corner of the city.The immunity depends on how much nutrition you intake and whether it is or not good in quality.

The Indian thalis are one of the best combinations of food and nutrition. The nutrition that we find in indian thalis comes from the multiple course dishes that are placed in the plate.

The dishes that are served include main course, side course, dessert and accompaniments.

  • Veg Thali: The thali consists of mixed vegetables. The vegetable curry comes with paneer makhani, dal tadka, rice, raita, naan, salad, papadom and sweet dish. The veg thali is the best alette for the ones who are vegetarians. The dish is a perfect combination of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Nonveg thali: The non veg thali is again a perfect combo of Murgh makhani, mix vegetables, Dal tadka, raita, rice, naan, salad, Papadom and sweet dish. Indiagate is one of the fine Indian dining restaurant Bangkok.

The other variation of nutritious food that is high in proteins and is spicier are the Tandoori platters.

The dishes coming out of clay oven tandoor are exceptionally tasty,some of which available at India gate restaurant are:

  • Veg Tandoori platter: An assortment of grilled vegetables, mushroom, paneer tikka, and hara bhara kebab, served with mint sauce.The vegetables are marinated and grilled on high temperature and consist of a smoky flavour coming from the clay oven, tandoor.
  • Non Veg Tandoori platter: An assortment of chicken tikka, fish tikka, tandoori prawns, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab, mint chicken served with mint sauce. The tandoori non veg platter not only fulfills your craving for non veg but also is a big boost of nutrition and supplements.

The India gate restaurant is not only famous for the authenticity of the food and
discounted deliveries, but also for the hygienic food production. The food is made in thoroughly cleaned kitchens, packaged in germ free containers and delivered by sanitised delivery men. Want to give your immunity a boost? Trust Indiagate restaurant and order online now!

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