If you’ve been to Thailand, you know of the many masterly delicacies that Thai cuisine comprises. In the capital, each street or soi is packed with restaurants, diners, and street food stalls that treat you to the authentic taste of Thai culture. However, the breathtaking realm of traditional Thai flavours is out of bounds for our vegetarian friends. Since meat is often the centrepiece of Asian cookery, vegetarians find themselves in a tight corner regarding the food they can consume in Bangkok. The good news is that several exceptional food places cater to the needs of vegetarians daily. Further, even within Thai cuisine, some traditional savouries are completely vegetarian and a must-have for vegetarians visiting or living in Thailand. These are some easy-to-cook dishes that will surely brighten up mealtimes. The restaurants mentioned here have taken extra steps to ensure you get the food of your choice during the Coronavirus lockdown. All of them provide discounts and daily specials along with delivery via trained staff.

Patiaala House


A restaurant exhibiting an impressive range of vegetarian dishes from both Indian and Chinese cuisine, Patiaala House caters to the demands of customers from all backgrounds. Widely-known for their Indian food, they focus on Punjabi, Mughlai and Contemporary North Indian cookery. Their innovative fusion dishes further speak for their expertise. They bring many traditionally nonveg Chinese and Thai dishes to their veg menu without compromising on taste. The ‘Vaishno’ section of their menu serves exclusively vegetarian dishes, from the simple Jeera Aloo to the rich Rajma Masala. Patiaala House excels in bringing you flavourful Asian delicacies in a pocket-friendly price range.



Bringing the authentic taste of India to Bangkok, Indiagate serves holistic Indian cuisine for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers. Indiagate’s masterful methods of cookery, with its breathtaking cultural range, attain a prestigious rank among restaurants in Bangkok. It features the gamut of North-Indian cuisine, from Awadhi Chaat and Puris to Punjabi Dal Makhni and Chana Pasinda. Operating during the current lockdown, Indiagate has gone a long way to ensure the health and happiness of its customers. If you’re in Bangkok, make sure you explore their menu and have them deliver your favourite veg dishes to your doorstep.

Thai Grilled Eggplant ( ยำมะเขือยาว )

One of the most popular dishes found almost in all Asian cultures, grilled brinjal is a healthy and completely vegetarian delicacy. Especially with traditional Thai flavours, grilled eggplant is an exceptionally delicious, hot and sweet delicacy. Made using traditional Thai sauces and garlic for a unique flavour, this dish is a rich and succulent savoury.

Thai Spring Rolls (Poh Pia Tod)

This dish has become a must-have appetizer across the globe. Its origins, however, are Asian. This is most easy to see in the Poh Pia Tod, the Thai version of vegetarian Spring Rolls. Deriving its taste from local shiitake or mushrooms, along with fibrous carrots and other vegetables you might want to add, these rolls are vegetarian bite-sized flavour heaven.

Pineapple Fried Rice (Khao Pad Sapparod)

The unique blend of sweet and tangy pineapple with freshly cut vegetables in spicy-salty fried rice creates a Thai flavour, unlike any other dish. The aromatic spice from onions and garlic give a savoury base with the sweet pineapple added towards the end acting as a surprising twist in the tale. 

Vegetarian Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a dish that has grown to become symbolic of Thai cuisine on a global scale. An intense sweet-sour affair from the street foods of Thailand, Pad Thai is usually non-vegetarian, but its vegetarian preparations take the cake in taste! Instead of meat and egg ingredients, it substitutes a lot of vegetables with the noodles. For a classic Pad Thai taste, it uses peanuts to form the flavouring base. All-in-all, Vegetable Pad Thai is a great option for those looking for classic Thai flavours without compromising on their vegetarian diet.

Thai Dumplings

Just as with Pad Thai, dumplings are a gift to global cuisine from Asian culture. Now ubiquitous, Asian dumplings are unique preparations whose taste varies from place to place. Thai dumplings, in particular, are a richly flavoured yet light-on-the-stomach treat. Traditionally served steamed, these are little balls of thin dough filled with shiitake or local mushrooms and finely chopped vegetables. If you’re in Bangkok, these are a must-have.

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