The Indian food is trusted to have been based initially on sattvic and vegetarian food eating methods. The various religious beliefs limit Indians from having eggs and non- vegetarian at times when in India! But why think twice the time you have sneaked out for a vacay in Bangkok or even are living here!

The Indian tummy is always open to yummy vegetarian food. The place that answers all your Indian food cravings is India gate the best Indian restaurant in Bangkok. The Indian vegetarian curries are an integral part of the main course and is one of the most nutritious parts of the entire meal. Coming from the tempered spices in low smoke refined oil and tasty flavorings, the curries create a new environment full of taste blast in your mouth.

The Indian veg curries available at the India gate restaurant are:

  • Malai Kofta: Dumplings made from a mixture of cottage Cheese and potatoes simmered in a rich sauce of cream and cashew nut are a treat to the mouth and a surprise to your taste buds.
  • Aloo Jeera: Potato cubes delicately cooked with spices and tossed with cumin seed are then topped with chopped coriander leaves and served in a bowl.
  • Aloo gobi: Cauliflower and cubes of Potato, prepared with fresh tomatoes, ginger and spices is also known as Aloo Gobhi.
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  •  Aloo Palak: Creamy spinach cooked with diced potatoes and spice and served in a bowl. Your taste buds will bless you the time it enters your mouth because of the creamy texture it holds.
  • Aloo Mutter: Potato cubes and green peas prepared with Tomatoes, ginger and spices slowly enriched with mild sauce are served with Indian breads which are crispy and hot.
  • Mutter Mushroom: Peas and mushrooms cooked with fresh Spices in thick gravy are an exquisite example of how exemplary the Indian cuisine is.
  • Palak Kofta: Spinach dumplings made from cottage Cheese and potatoes cooked in rich golden Gravy.
  • Bhindi Masala: Fresh okra gently cooked with diced onions, Tomatoes and spices is a pan-fried dish that is full of spices and aroma.
  • Mix Veg: Florets size chopped carrots, potatoes and Fresh beans cooked in a pan with spices is known as Mix Veg. It is the Indian Variant of the Mix Veg curry that is universally famous.
  • Navratan Korma: Mixed fresh vegetables prepared in rich Cream and cashew nut sauce is the most consumed dish after butter Paneer.
  • Chana Pasinda: Chickpeas cooked delicately with fresh Tomato and onion sauce in a true Punjabi style is one such dish that can be eaten with multiple Indian breads like poori, tandoori roti, naan etc.

When you are too busy with work and can’t go out to eat your favorite food, order food online in Bangkok from the IndiaGate restaurant that follows all the precautionary measures while packaging and delivering food at your doorstep.

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