Bangkok is a hub of cultural and monumental spots. Being a popular tourist destination, it exhibits the best of Thai food, architecture, facilities and entertainment. When it comes to food, there is an astonishing range of fine-dine restaurants, street stalls, and snack shops with equally varied menu items. Entire streets, such as Sukhumvit Soi 38, are dedicated to authentic Thai street food. However, anyone who has visited Bangkok knows that Indian restaurants in the city are popular and much loved.

The cultures of India and Bangkok are surprisingly similar. The flavours of India win hearts in Bangkok. However, for travellers, many restaurants serving Indian food are simply beyond their affordability. But does that mean one cannot experience the unique blend of Indian and Thai food cultures on their trip to Bangkok? Thankfully, no! Some restaurants bring this remarkable experience within reach of both your wallet and location.

1. Patiaala House

Loved by both its Thai and Indian customers, this authentic Indian restaurant at Petchbury Road has made a name in Bangkok in just a few months. It is reputed to serve dishes fit for even royalty! Patiaala House offers marvellous preparations from both Indian and Thai cuisines. Within Indian cuisine, Patiaala House specializes in north Indian delicacies ranging from Punjabi to Mughal genres. However, it doesn’t restrict these flavours to conventional cooking. The traditional ingredients from Punjab, like butter chicken, are used in making a roll, creating a unique blend of the two cultures. With the range of items available, Patiaala House goes a step further to ensure perfect ease of booking and doorstep delivery. The restaurant strives to deliver your meals piping hot and fresh. It even curates and presents a delicious buffet for all occasions, serving both personal and corporate needs. By far, if you plan to visit Bangkok, a visit to Patiaala House is a must-do.


One of the most generously ranked fine-dine restaurants, Indiagate is a class apart from its contemporaries. Situated at Ratchaprarop Soi 2, Makkasan, Indiagate exhibits the sheer variety of India, both ancient and contemporary. Traditional recipes handed down through history are revered and served as per the dictates of custom. Further, the original fusion dishes are also served with a comparable warmth. The entire spectrum of Indian cookery is made available at a reasonable cost for customers to explore. From the tandoori zaayka of Mughal cuisine to the layered steam cooking of west Indian coastal cuisine, Indiagate boasts them all. Furthermore, Indiagate offers its services as caterer and buffet curator for a range of events. With the quality and nature of its aesthetic dining experience in Bangkok, Indiagate stands at a whole different level.

3. Asoka Restaurant

Asoka Restaurant is the largest Indian restaurant in Bangkok. Located on Thanon Tiamruammit Road, the entirety of Indian cuisine is encompassed under its auspices. When it comes to large-scale events, there is no better offer for catering and buffet services. The restaurant boasts of separate A la carte, large scale buffet, garden, and VIP lounge sections replete with thoughtfully placed, aesthetically pleasing facilities. In each area, the decor and lighting are delightfully relevant to their purposes and make for a unique ambience. The sprawling Asoka restaurant is capable of showing you a whole new experience every time you visit, and so it never gets old! The royal halls of Asoka restaurant simply serve perfection with every meal.

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